in·ner pas·tiche:

12:38 PM

I have been asked numerous times "What does in·ner pas·tiche mean?". Well, I am about to give the long and meticulous tale of how it came to be; if you would like to skip the long heaving part just read the last paragraph by all means.
My internal pack-rat's nest is stacked high with bulks of material and photos of my interests. I have always been a bit rapacious about everything. And despite my long and hard attempt to put these feelings of greed into words, I think Ms. Sylvia Plath has beat me to it. My friends have always cheerfully teased me that I was making "Kimchi" out of these uncoordinated bits and pieces by letting them ferment in the back of my head and external hard-drive. And, for a while, I wasn't able to make quite much out of my baubles until I upgraded to a smartphone (God, send) and came across the app we all know and love, Instagram. Along with my multi-talented friend M I was able to frame in·ner pas·tiche.
The name in·ner pas·tiche originates from two words derived from my mother's concerning tones of my private trove as 내면의 잡동사니 (내면의: internal, 잡동사니: bits and bobs). But to keep it short, in·ner pas·tichean incongruous combination of materials, forms, motifs, literary, musical, or artistic pieces; the collaborative inner workings of D & M … or maybe just a pack-rat’s nest of works and small trinkets of our delight. To be honest, I am not quite sure yet.
Hello, to those who happen to stumble this way and to all those insomniac souls we bid you goodnight.

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